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Hello, old friend [May. 8th, 2010|08:03 am]
 I ended up on an old friend's Livejournal because I clicked on a link from another site..and I realized that I miss writing on LJ. Tumblr's just not the same, and Blogspot's a bit nakakatamad nowadays..and obviously, Twitter and Facebook don't give you the chance to rant or rave about your day, beyond a dinky little status message. So here I am, again, after a whole year..after one of the most eventful years (if not the most eventful year!) of my life!

5 Big Highlights of the past year (just to get LJ back up to speed):

1. Freshman year in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. I absolutely love my college, the college of Architecture a.k.a. UP Arki ♡

2. Going through a grueling application process (which included an INTENSE five hour final interview), getting into and being named "Best Applicant" of my beloved org, UP Architecture Forum or AF ♡ AF activities like Hiyas, Meriendahan, AF week, AF frisbee, Arkwiz, doing the design competition with Foom Anjo Cachi and Dax, inumans, dinners, RockBand, L4D, tambay hours, etc etc etc! :)

3. Becoming a trainee for the Architecture Registration Corps ♡

4. Running for the college council, under the blue political party, Alyansa and becoming councilor/sec. gen :) Meeting people from different colleges, getting closer to my arki slatemates ♡

5. Falling in love with the most amazing weirdo I've ever met :) Haha. The commitment-phobe has a steady boyfriend, and this relationship was definitely worth the wait ♡

I'd love to write a little more of better, but I'm in a bit of a rush because I've got to be at the 9AM AF execomm meeting, since I'm Rome's Internals committee assistant! Love my job! :) Exciteeed :D