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Currently [Mar. 18th, 2009|08:26 pm]
(1)..on a softball high, for the first time in AGES! I am so glad I finally went to pitching practice :) Yeah I guess I'm not exactly over my love for softball, yet :) Mehnnn I hope I get back in condition. Mehn I hope I get to continue playing in college :) I can't wait to train again! And crosstrain! And eat right and sleep right and not drink or smoke or do drugs so I can play properly! I now understand why my dad was so stubborn about me continuing to play :)

(2)..so effing excited to spend Thursday-Saturday in Makati with Mills, Lalay and hopefully Coco and BeaG. My mom and I went grocery shopping for it, today and that in itself was hella fun too <3 I cannot wait to meet up with other friends, when we go out, too! Shout out to Rina Andreees :)

(3)..grateful for the gift of Father Edwin and that awesome recollection. Insights galore. Nick, you are AMAZING <3 I am also grateful for all the people I got to hug during the giving of peace, and grateful for the batch song, and grateful for my teachers, and grateful for my barkada who're still there even if I'm like a ghost-slash-hermit.

(4)..still dying to go back to Divisoria

(5)..missing DENISE CAMPOS like crazyyy. I love you, OMC! :* + :( + >:D< I aaalso miss my brother from another mother, already. Separation anxiety HAHA NATT. I miss his iPod =)) Whuuutts

(6)..packing a whole buncha stuff for the weekend. I am way too excited, I bet I'll overpack but forget all the important stuff like I always do! Okay am I so obviously deprived of go-outs? HAHA

From: sabawsicampos
2009-03-18 03:11 pm (UTC)
(5)..missing DENISE CAMPOS like crazyyy. I love you, OMC!

Oh, I like what I see :> I miss you and I love you! <3
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