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My friends :) [Mar. 14th, 2009|02:54 am]
Despite everything, I am just way too thankful for  the ones that have seen even the things I hate the most about myself..the ones who've, in turn, refused to be shoved, and have let me see the things they hate the most about themselves.

I'm glad I let you drag this hermit out from under her rock :) I am blessed :)

Things I'm glad I did yesterday:
- dragged my butt to school after a rough morning
- accomplished quite a bit with the batch song comm :)
- held my pee in til the speaker from UPD was finished -squiiirmmm-
- followed the Carlas to High Street when my dad cancelled our plans
- took part in our new Friday detox/Joy Luck Club tradition :)
- texted Campos, Carlos (tsk tsk, slowpoke), Kyla, Jules and Mills
- watched Lalay get RED with one margarita HAHAHA

Things I'm uber looking forward to:
- rescheduled rematches with my dad this weekend >:)
- grad song video shooting (whenever that'll be hahaha)
- DIVISORIA with my lola on Tuesday! Who wants to make pabili shizz? Text me on Tues :)
- movie date with my favorite cousin, on Wed :) :)
- Thurs-Sat!! grad prac-lunch/bumming/drinking at GB-crashing at the condo! <3
(mwahaha that's what you get for not letting me go out when I'm under your roof, father -ridiculous curfew!!)
- Alt ball on Sat! :)